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Introducing Perfectly Clear!! Our NEWEST solution! Alcohol FREE, Bronzer FREE, Minimal Ingredients. *Quantity discount automatically applied to cart when you purchase 3 of more quarts of ANY spray tan solution*
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Infused with Green Tea & White Tea Extract

Clear solution are very popular and universal for ALL skin tones! Great to use on the following clients

  • Clients that have allergies to bronzers 
  • Clients with skin damage and sun spots that can excessively absorb traditional bronzers
  • Clients with Eczema or Psoriasis
  • Clients with larger pores can benefit from a clear solution on their face
  • Clients that want have to go to work after their session and don't want to look like they just got a tan 
  • Brides concerned with extra bronzer staining their dress

What color is it?

This is a clear solution ( Meaning it has no bronzers or color guide)  It is going to work with the customers own undertones

 This clear formula is available in a Rapid and 8 Hour version

Tip- Since there are NO bronzers is this solution the final color will be based on their original skin tone. It is recommended for VERY experienced spray tan artists as it will be difficult to see where the product is being applied. You need to be confident in your spray application.  Here is our FAQ link https://perfectglowsunless.com/faq/