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PRIVATE Hands on spray tan training (4 hours)

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Learn from spray tan experts and be on your way to success. This is a beginner/intermediate private hands on training with Perfect Glow Sunless. Your hands on training will consist of both classroom training and hands on technique on at least 1-3 models. 

***Our training includes basic contour skills at no extra charge! Once you purchase the training we will contact you to provide training time & further details 

 **If you do not see a date listed that you need please contact us as we can try to arrange a training around your schedule and we can also travel to your location for an additional fee**

Great for new spray tanners looking to start a new business or for someone that never got proper training, needs to refresh skills or wants to learn basic contouring!

Please note that This certification is just through Perfect Glow Sunless which is a private company. We are not accredited through or with any state, federal , government or health accredited agency. You are responsible for finding out your states requirements as to what they require for you to start up your spray tan business. 

Some of the topics that you will learn are:

The history & science about DHA (the active ingredient) and different % levels. You need to know how to spray with more than one level

 The importance of waivers & consent forms

Licensing information and a list of supplies and equipment that you will need to start up with.

FDA recommendations

Skin typing guidance and how to know what solution to use on different skin tones

Basic contouring and other application tips to wow your customers! Contouring is a great add on service to your spray tan services and can generate extra revenue for you as well. We will teach you basic contour skills and is included in our hands on training at no extra charge! Of course this is great to define muscle tone on fit clients but many of your clients are going to be everyday people of all shapes and sizes. (Not fitness pros with a 6 pack) So will show you our expert skills on how to enhance also the average figure with contour techniques the Perfect Glow way.

Step-by-step video tutorial on how to perform a full body airbrush tan with the Perfect Glow Sunless proven application method on live models & tips to perfect your spray tan application on the clients hands & feet and other trouble areas.

Common Questions & Answers

Proper client preparation instructions & Crucial post tan care information

Tips for spray tanning men & various body types.

Some examples of what can go wrong and how to fix client complaints (VERY crucial)

Consent forms information & appointment booking systems recommendations

Pregnant client information & Medical interactions and how they can affect the spray tan.

Basic social media marketing.

Mobile spray tan tips, Spray tan party & bridal party tips & MORE

Certificate of completion showing that you are a trained Perfect Glow Sunless spray tan artist 

Certification Badge icon for use on your website & social media

FREE quart of Perfect Glow Sunless spray tan solution

FREE VIP membership into my private Facebook group for unlimited support

Discounted starter kits and more! 

(This package does not include contouring or competition tanning training or equipment but we do offer starter kits for purchase at a discounted rate)

View the training policies/terms & conditions http://shop.yourperfectglow.com/Spray-tan-training-terms-and-conditions_df_37.html