(32 oz ) Dark Chocolate -*CHOOSE DHA %*

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Professional spray tan solution
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Dark Chocolate is our top rated violet based pro spray tan solution color. This blend is a beautiful true brown tan with a touch of red & voted the brownest tan on the market.

Based off Organic & Natural Ingredients and infused with EcoCert DHA from France ( the purest available).

This brown blend is infused with top grade ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin such as:

  •  Caffeine for skin tightening - Very Beneficial for dehydrating fat cells.Tightens the skin making it appear smoother and firmer. 
  •  White and Green Tea extracts - Proven as a highly effective antioxidant. Contains calming properties to sooth & nourish the skin. Also beneficial for repairing the damage of UV rays and revitalizes the skin.
  •  Cucumber Extract -A wonderful antioxidant and very soothing to the skin. Cucumber also contains a number of minerals that are beneficial by aiding in the tightening of collagen. Cucumber’s nourishing, astringent and hydrating properties aid in the positive skin and health-promoting benefits it provides to the skin.
  •  Perfect Vitamin complex 
  •  Odorless

Available in 3 DHA strengths- 8% (Medium) , 10% (Medium dark), 12% (Dark)

Fact- All Perfect Glow solutions are water based so they dry quick, wont clog your gun, and clients can get dressed ASAP. Longevity and fade is like a natural tan & by far superior to other products on the market worldwide. 100% Vegan and cruelty free through PETA

Recommended for:

  • Olive/darker tones
  • Any client with yellow undertones(even if pale)
  • Not recommended for very pink/red undertones. The red in this blend can make the tan look like they have a sunburn.
  • Clients that want a brown tan compared to a golden color

Formulated without:

  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mineral oil
  • Sulfates
  • Gluten
  • PEGS
  • Cruelty FREE

What is a violet based solution? This means that the bronzer is violet based to counteract any yellow undertones. The color guide (Bronzer) is not a "traditional" golden brown color. If you are new to violet based solutions, as the spray tan pro you MUST educate yourself on this product and know how to properly explain it to your client. Due to the color guide we recommend it on olive toned clients.

PLEASE READ- If you choose to use it on fair clients or skin tones with a lot of pink or red undertones PLEASE NOTE that the violet/rosey colo bronzer will be very noticeable. It can even look like they are sunburned. You will need to educate the client and advise them it will go away once they shower & the tan is fully developed. The color will turn into a beautiful brown tan.

Please note **

Spray tan solution is non refundable and cannot be exchanged due to an ordering mistake or change of mind. So please double check your cart before completing the checkout. If you are unsure about a product please contact us.We can not guarantee results on spray tan solution or self tanning products as there are many factors beyond our control that will effect the outcome. Such as application method, level of application skill, amount of product applied, skin conditions, hormonal or medication issues, amount of time before showering, body care products that can effect the tan etc. 

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